Not The Year I Wanted.

2016… Well it wasn’t the year I expected. Definitely not the year I wanted. From being stuck in major depression and anxiety cycles, having super high highs and painful lows, failing at a lot and achieving so much.. 

At the start of this year I thought to myself ‘this is your year! You have moved, you’re studying and working!! It’s yours!! You have so got this!! Bring on 2016’ 

And then.. 

The shit hit the fan. There wasn’t a particular moment or event but this year has been hard to say the least. It hasn’t been my best year. It’s been lonely, it’s had its fun moments, it’s had struggles.. but isn’t that every year? But this year has been different for me.. and here’s why.. 

Even though I’ve had the extremes, the joy and the pain.. in every moment I knew I was ok. I was learning more about myself, the world around me and of course the Love of an amazing God. 

  • I’ve learnt that im so much stronger than I think 
  • My success rate of getting through the crap is 100%
  • I’m my own worst critic 
  • God never let’s me down 
  • My dreams far out weigh my fears 

So.. although it wasn’t the beautiful, amazing, fun, joyful year I had hoped for.. it was more than that! It was a year of exponential growth, strength and a deep joy I could have only ever dreamt of. 

I’m thankful for this year, yes I want it to be finished and hopefully 2017 is a little more gentle (even if it is an odd number year!!) 

And I hope you have learnt this year.. to embrace the hard times, enjoy the moment and to live without borders because you my friend are worth so much more than you could ever imagine!! Take a moment to reflect on this year, learn and set yourself up for an amazing finish! 

Love, peace and joy! (Because Christmas is almost here!!) 

Breannon xx

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